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Liquidity Analyst
Location: , London
Specialism: Banking & Financial Services
Summary The analysis requires firms to analyze how they would close certain UK operating entities following a hypothetical stress event such as a large regulatory fine. Specifically, the analysis requires firms to quantify the liquidity impact of unwinding the entities balance sheet and existing trading positions. The purpose of the analysis is to allow the PRA to quantify if firms have sufficient liquidity resources to remain solvent throughout the unwind period. Responsibilities *Help to design and perform quantitative analysis on various aspects on the solvent wind down. *Assist in reviewing regulatory guidance relating to the liquidity and funding relevant aspects of and developing plans to satisfy these requirements. *Partnering with business heads to analyze their proposed unwind strategies, to understand impact on liquidity and the asset-liability management of their trading positions. *Working with internal regulatory reporting teams to ensure the impact of the key liquidity metrics is quantified. *Liaising closely with the other members of the project team who will be involved covering aspects such as the capital, balance sheet and cost impacts of. *Producing a high quality report for submission to the PRA, detailing the analytical approach adopted and summarizing the conclusion of the analysis. Skills and Experience *Funding and liquidity experience, preferably from working within a Treasury function or equivalent at a major investment ban

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